About Me

For fifteen years I have worked as an emcee and DJ for a variety of events.  These include weddings, birthdays, reunions, and interactive restaurant entertainment.  In 2013, I began working on voice overs and voice acting. My first professional voice over job came in 2013 for an online speech training course.

Voice acting is a passion. Doing voice over gives me energy and calms my soul. I’ve received professional training and taken multiple classes to refine my craft. My goal is to bring a special connection to every read I give, to find unique perspectives and subtle tone shifts that not only add credibility but also a different tug to the listener’s ear.

Those who choose to represent or book me on a project will get:

  • A genuine and authentic voice
  • Directable talent
  • Emotional experience
  • A voice that brings words of the page
  • A wizard of subtle tones
  • And much more

Representing your agency or brand is of the utmost importance to me.  I don’t aspire to be every other voice.  I aspire to be my voice and your voice.