Writing, it’s the art of the unspoken word.  An author doesn’t know the voice the reader will put to their words.  They know that the reader’s voice will make a powerful impact on the words they have written.  It is with that in mind that the greatest authors in history have a timeless ability to them.  They are able to guide and mold the reader’s voice into the voice they want them to hear.

I’ve been a writer for many years.  A closet author in that same time, working and refining my craft.  My hope is to include my creative pursuits here as well as my more corporate writing efforts – marketing and advertising copy.

As the site is pushed forward and redesigned, my hope is to have samples of my advertising and marketing copy.  I’d like to also have an area for my creative works and works in progress to have a home.

Please contact me for any additional samples or to consult with me on a possible project.