Voice Over

First a short background…while I am new to the professional world of voice acting and voice over, I’ve already had years of experience.

I emceed events for years as something to do on the side, every time I was asked if I was on the radio or doing commercials.  Some didn’t believe it when I would say no.  They could have sworn they heard me doing a spot every so often.  It was flattering and sowed the seeds of my desire to enter the industry.

Fast forward to 2013 and my journey began.  I did voice overs for a small business owner for her online voice training curriculum.  I was the male voice doing many of the demonstrations for the students to repeat.  I also did a few internal projects at the company I work for.

In 2014 I took my voice to a new level with classes and additional training.  The end result is my first official demo, for your consideration.

I’m dedicated to give your brand, product, or service the professional sound it deserves.  I offer an authentic, genuine, rich voice that has a wide range of subtle tones that sets your offering above the rest.  I’m confident, not cocky.  I’ve been training for this career for years, now it’s here, will you be the first to have this powerful, unique voice represent your company?  Please review my demo below.