About Me

Let’s keep this simple.  I’m a writer and voice actor.  That’s the short of it.

I have over ten years experience in advertising and marketing.  The old adage is true, advertisers are better at promoting others than themselves.  I’ll do my best.

I’ve authored countless marketing and advertising pieces from newsletter posts, to ad slogans, to product briefs, to radio/video scripts, and standard promotional copy.  If you would like a sample, please contact me directly.

Recently I have engaged in the world of voice acting.  I have done both a promotional voice over as well as lent my voice for a vocal training online course.  I’m excited about this new venture, it is one I have been working toward over the past fifteen years.

For fifteen years I have worked as an emcee and DJ for a variety of events.  These include weddings, birthdays, reunions, and interactive restaurant entertainment.  Needless to say, my voice has been something I have been crafting for a while.

Please review my demo on the home page of my site, I would love to represent your brand and product.